“A seed is planted in the earth. We don’t see when the germination begins. That is the doing of Mother Nature: it is the fundamental working principle. We have to wait patiently. We cannot dig up the seed to see whether it is really growing: to do so would be to destroy everything. Suddenly, a bud appears. What a joy and pleasure to watch it grow! At the same time the root, unseen in the ground, is getting stronger and has the power to produce a big, sturdy tree. I think this is a good analogy for one’s ability(talent). Once the seed (ability) is planted, it has to be carefully and patiently tended. Finally, the “bud” or talent, presents itself and has to be educated and brought up with perseverance until the “root”, or power, becomes very strong and is indissolubly tied to the personality. It can be said to be a treasure when a person can accomplish and carry through his or her work to the very last.”

– —Shinichi Suzuki, Nurtured By Love